Aqua Zone is the well known desalination and water Treatment Company in Pakistan, operating to world standards we are a market leader in reverse osmosis desalination technology.

Our journey

Aqua Zone’s capabilities stem from our beginnings in 2005 as a service provider of water treatment equipment / plant requiring precision, economical and reliability. This has been built on over the years and now provides us with capabilities designer and fabricator of the water, waste water treatment and also produced water treatment plant and equipment with the state of the art technology to deliver fast, full support service with flexible solutions.

The privately owned company has delivered over 50 projects throughout Pakistan, with various long-term operation and maintenance agreements on 24/ 7 basis. We have a workforce of people located in Karachi Pakistan.

While the focus of our business is providing technological services in design, engineering, operations and maintenance; we also have a large fabrication facility in Karachi.